AI Humanoid

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AI Humanoid

A humanoid is a non-human entity with human form or characteristics. The earliest recorded use of the term, in 1870, referred to indigenous peoples in areas colonized by Europeans. By the 20th century, the term came to describe fossils which were morphologically similar, but not identical, to those of the human skeleton.
Although this usage was common in the sciences for much of the 20th century, it is now considered rare. More generally, the term can refer to anything with distinctly human characteristics or adaptations, such as possessing opposable anterior forelimb-appendages (i.e. thumbs), visible spectrum-binocular vision (i.e. having two eyes), or biomechanic plantigrade-bipedalism (i.e. the ability to walk on heels and metatarsals in an upright position). Science fiction media frequently present sentient extraterrestrial lifeforms as humanoid as a byproduct of convergent evolution.

A humanoid robot is similar to a human body in shape. These robots are professional service robots built for interaction with human tools and customer service. These humanoid robots are also used for inspection and maintenance; they have skin and eyes, But they are not made of flesh or bones.

Humanoid robots are typically either Androids – a humanoid robot designed to resemble a male human, or Gynoids – look like female humans. They work through certain features, as well as they have sensors assisting them in sensing their surrounding environments.

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