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The modern technologies that accelerate speed of innovation, enable hyper-scale deployments, and promote business agility also make monitoring applications the same old way too difficult and labor-intensive. While some APM tools have gotten pretty good at correlating metrics, they still leave the heavy lifting to you.
You’re left configuring thresholds, figuring out what went wrong and why — it’s more than a human can handle manually. Only automated AI-powered monitoring can keep pace with the speed at which your team is innovating.


Digitally-enabled remote cameras capable of night vision, infrared, and thermal imaging video streaming provide AI-based video recognition systems the data they need to protect remote locations, equipment, and assets. From an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) perspective, video cameras are quickly emerging as the smartest sensor of all, being able to monitor multiple properties of remote locations and assets in real-time and provide valuable insights to operations and security teams. Agriculture, construction, oil & gas, utilities, and critical infrastructure industries need to consider how their IIoT platforms can be integrated into a broader cybersecurity strategy to gain a 360-degree view of multifaceted threats being launched at their locations with increasing frequency. Closing the gaps between cyber and physical security is improving because of AI’s many contributions to identifying threats in real-time and stopping them.





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