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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a technology of the future – it’s a daily reality for many publishers of all sizes. AI now powers an increasing number of tools that journalists use to gather, produce and distribute content, including Echobox, the social media management platform we built specifically for publishers.

With more than 700 publisher clients globally, including 25% of the world’s newspapers of record, we have access to a large and unique dataset that describes how AI can change the social media game for publishers.

We recently completed an analysis of how these publishers use automation technology to manage their social media.


Automating content distribution on social media is just one way publishers are using AI to augment their efficiency and results. Prior to publication, some newsrooms are integrating AI into their newsgathering and creation processes in some truly innovative ways, from fact-checking and enriching metadata to writing news stories. For example, one of our Scandinavian customers is now using AI to predictively optimize article content prior to publication. They built an AI that can optimize stories in real-time as they are written according to the publisher’s own specific content-scoring criteria.

AI is already changing the game for many of the world’s leading publishers. We believe AI has the most meaningful impact when used to enhance (not replace) human judgment and automate repetitive tasks, giving publishers the time and resources to apply their human talent where it will have the biggest impact on audiences.


By Simran Cashyap,
Head of Product at Echobox




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