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Artificial intelligence and data science are already creating a huge impact on various industries. Now, these technologies are widely used to analyze the game of cricket. The sports media company ESPNcricinfo, in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, has launched a tech platform called Superstatscom that helps analyze the sport.
The platform is a combination of statistical metrics — luck index, forecaster and smart statistics — that use data science for the first time to contextualize every event in a game.


The platform has a forecaster ‘s metric, which serves as an assessment tool. It provides the winning probability for the chasing team, first the score for the batting team, the runs and wicket potential for the next over, for each bowler and so forth.

Data science algorithms use predictive methods that train past data to uncover trends and patterns at different times. They are then adapted based on real match data, resulting in more accurate prediction models. Smart stats add metrics such as smart wickets, player quality index and pressure index to cover all aspects of the game. These measures determine the number of runs scored or saved in a match and the most effective batsman or bowler at every stage of the game, such as powerplay and death overs.







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