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Not only do AI technologies change the way we see and interact with brands, it also changes the way we manage brands. Efficiency, accuracy and automation are the key advantages of working with AI technologies. AI technologies open up a whole new world of managing brands, making it much easier for you to not only reach your target audience much easier, but also to provide them with the most relevant information, when and where they need it most.


The success of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evident. Although the commercial implementation might still be in its infancy, AI technologies hold many success stories already. AI technologies are expected to add US$15 trillion to the global economy by 2030, according to Oxford Insights.For industry leaders like Amazon, Uber and, AI is a fundamental element of their marketing strategy. Customer experiences will be driven entirely by artificial intelligence in the near future.

Recently, the United Arab Emirates was ranked one of the top countries in the Middle East for AI readiness, whilst Singapore is leading the way worldwide. Organizations that successfully deployed artificial intelligence techniques already work smarter and benefit from increased efficiency and scientific decision- making. There is no doubt that AI technologies will change how we see and interact with brands too. Time for a closer look at AI technologies from a branding perspective:

As AI begins to shape our daily lives, brands must consider how they shift their behaviors and interactions to meet customers’ evolving expectations.

Consider how many marketers suddenly thought they absolutely needed a mobile app. Sure, that was a misconception—but it ushered in the importance of simplicity and utility in brand experience. The app mentality forced complicated brands to take a hard look at their products and services and shape them to be fast, nimble and mobile-focused.

We’re already seeing similar misconceptions about how and when brands should experiment with AI, but what else will the AI trend usher in? What will future brand experiences look like when we as consumers become used to (and expect) incredible simplicity, fewer interfaces to interact with and an incredible amount of personalization? Brands will need to think beyond creating experiences they want people to adhere to and start thinking about creating behaviors they want people to adopt.




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