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In the documentary “Minimalism”, they share that there can be up to 52 seasons for clothing. Given the constant changes in fashion and design, retailers need to consistently keep up with the most current trends and predict consumer preferences for next season. Traditionally, retailers base their estimate of current year’s sales on data from the prior year. But this is not always accurate because sales can be influenced by many factors that are hard to predict, such as changing trends. AI-based approaches for demand projection, however, can reduce forecasting error by as much as 50 percent.

Once the clothes are designed, AI technologies can also play a role in textile manufacturing. Fashion manufacturers are innovating the use of AI to help improve efficiency of manufacturing processes and augment human textile employees. AI systems are being used to spot defects in fabric and ensure that the colors of the finished textile match with the originally designed colors. AI technologies such as computer vision technologies are allowing quality assurance processes to be more streamlined.





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