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We have barely come close to our goal of replicating human intelligence, and the entire world already seems thrilled with the applications of artificial intelligence. Even though many of its theories are designed keeping in mind the way a human brain works, it is far from exactly being one. But, even though as our pursuit for enhancing AI goes on, we have more than a few of its applications to look forward to discussing the details of the position.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most progressive and advanced technologies that we have in the world today. It is radically transforming everything it touches. Right from businesses to healthcare services, education, home automation, and social impact studies, etc. artificial intelligence has a huge role to play in every walk of life. If you don’t believe this, take a look around you. Right from your smartphone to the applications on it, smart speakers, fancy wearable devices, home automation products, television and much more. Everything today is becoming a powered by artificial intelligence device.
Take a look at any business, while all the titans have managed to implement AI in one or more of their core processes, small and medium enterprises are catching up. They are trying every bit to make small changes in their business models to make some space for AI. Also, because AI is selling like hotcakes in the market, every other brand wants to jump right into it. Regardless of the point that people are debating about a future built on the stepping stones of AI, it is shaping many sectors of the society for the good.

These are only a few areas where AI is all set to expand in the coming months. Looking back when the last decade started, we realize that many of these ideas didn’t even exist, and several of these were only theoretical concepts. However, here we are successfully implementing AI in multiple industries. And just like this one, by the time decade starting 2020 ends, we will on an entirely new level talking concepts that seem impossible today.





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