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Cricket is an internationally well-known game, and changes in technology also influenced the game with significant advancements. Technology helped to observe the whole game process and minute details more precisely than ever before. Cricket and technology are running hand-in-hand over the years to track the ball’s speed with various other exceptional strategies. Moreover, it helps predict the distance that it covers when flying off the bat and time to reach the boundary. With technology advancement, you can predict deep insights into the game and its playing trick.


After some years, there will be no more need for a third empire for judgment as artificial intelligence will replace him. AI and data science are revolutionizing all fields of industry, including cricket extraordinarily. Microsoft is working along with technology to give detailed information about batting during the match. Spektacom investigated the science behind batting using artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

AI and Power Bats

Artificial intelligence and Advanced Analytics are controlling and dominating the whole world. In 2017, a new cricket bat got birth in the ICC Champion Trophy with a Bat Sensor at the top of bat handles. Intel was the manufacturer of this technology, which was later modified with technology advancements and named as a Power Bat. It predicts several factors as:

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