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It’s remarkable to think about the progress and technological evolution we’ve experienced over the last 100 years. Referring back to my earlier comments on singularity, for those not as familiar, I highly suggest looking up a chart for Moore’s Law. When visually represented, it’s staggering to see the level of technology advancements that have occurred in the last few decades.
As this growth continues, it will be interesting to see how marketing technology evolves to mirror and support the more consumer-centric advancements. It will be our job as marketers to push our industry forward in an effort to identify and utilize opportunities that further enhance our ability to make meaningful connections with consumers.


Modern technologies are enabling increased automation across multiple markets with the help of rugged, robust, reliable systems designed by Amongo, that is our industrial display systems including our industrial LCD display monitors with various touchscreen options, and industrial mainboards adopting the latest component and configurations to meet the growing requirements from Interactive customer experience(ICX).

In the application related with IIoT, the display monitors plays a very important role as it shows and collect data and information for end users, with visualization, the interactive customer experience is totally different compared with the traditional. In most cases, we call these display monitors as HMI, which stands for Human Machine Interface.

Thanks to our years of expertise in this field, we have been nominated as the strategic partners to our clients from New Retail, New Logistics, and New Energy industries. To be specific, our industrial display monitors are widely used in these IoT applications like intelligent parcel lockers, EV battery exchanging stations, and self-service ticket vending machines, intelligent access control with additional function like AFR (Automatic Face Recognition)





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