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Artificial Intelligence is a very trending topic in the current competitive world. AI is offering smart business solutions to small and large enterprises. The AI is also benefiting the eCommerce in a large way.
AI technology has helped e-commerce to reach greater heights. In other words, AI is revolutionizing the mobile app world and the whole structure of businesses.

AI has helped in improving user experience and increasing brand awareness. It is helping the startups, manufacturers, and retailers to set a new example in the industry.


AI is transforming the business models of many brands and enterprises. New technological advancements are being innovated in the industries.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce is increasing the marketing standards for many companies. It has helped in creating a more personalized experience by performing the analysis of data sets, and by identifying different patterns of consumer behavior.

AI has transformed the business models of many small and large businesses.

AI has made its place in our day to day lives. It is expected that Artificial Intelligence will be the major theme for new innovations by major tech companies like Microsoft and Google. These companies are making huge investments in AI ventures.

Recently, Google has purchased an Artificial Intelligence company named DeepMind worth £400 million. This startup has a specialization in machine learning.

Various other technology firms like Yahoo and Facebook are also planning to invest in Artificial Intelligence.

According to a report by Business Insider, by 2020, 85% of the consumer interaction will be done without the involvement of humans.

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