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Artificial Intelligence and eSports are a match made in digital nirvana. The tech world is always racing to one-up itself, and pairing AI with the competitive gaming world is a symbiosis that will crown winners among the brave… and leave the others quivering on the sidelines.


A share is an indivisible unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. The denominated value of a share is its face value, and the total of the face value of issued shares represent the capital of a company, which may not reflect the market value of those shares.

Becoming tastemakers and thought leaders on the front lines of eSports domination requires innovation. Cutting edge products will enable creators to bring their visions to life, which will convince investors to back those at the cutting edge of the field, in turn drawing more clients and consumers to the projects accelerating the fastest due to their implementation of Emotion AI. It’s a chain reaction of success, and the proverbial fuse is about to be lit.

Rana Gujral

DeepMind’s AI, Gaming, and Human-Machine Partnerships

Two years ago, Google’s DeepMind team developed an AI system named AlphaGo, which beat Lee Sedol, one of the world’s best Go players, 4-1 in a five-game match. Last December, DeepMind one-upped itself with AlphaZero, a generic reinforcement learning algorithm that trained itself to beat AlphaGo in a mere 8 hours.

DeepMind has since shifted its focus to video games, using reinforcement learning techniques to teach its AI how to play games like StarCraft II and Quake III. DeepMind’s AI has gotten so good at Capture the Flag in Quake III that bot-only teams won 74% of their 2v2 matches at a recent tournament held by the DeepMind team.

That win percentage is noteworthy because it demonstrates that an AI-based cognitive agent can be trained to play well with another AI-based cognitive agent. Getting AI to play well with others is a critical step in both the evolution of AI and the evolution of human-machine partnerships.

Shelly Palmer





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