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Good sales forecasting helps you grow your business. … Just as big data and artificial intelligence (AI) pervade many aspects of how we work, it’s doing the same for forecasting. However, it will take both the human and technological sides working together to achieve true success.


Remember the days when cloud computing was the big disruption? Now we can’t imagine going without it. Today, the same thing is happening with AI and machine learning. Yet it’s a completely different experience because AI is reshaping how we learn from and leverage data — not just by accessing it, but by really digging into its importance — to create personalized customer experiences. Instead of merely accessing the data, AI and machine learning allow us to really dig into the data’s impact. In terms of forecasting, AI will transform how a company interacts with its own data for and from sales.

AI is brutally honest. Let’s put it this way — it won’t hug you back. AI is without emotion and is unequivocal in its results; it tells you the cold, hard data truth. But it does need you to learn faster; it needs your guidance and input to amplify what data it has been given. You will need some patience for this type of tool as it learns about your business. When I hear that a company thinks AI is useless after just three months, I point out that it’s only learning as fast as data and experiences are being fed to it. Plus it comes with an incredible advantage: It does not forget. Data and coaching will only make it better and better.

Hernán Asorey — Chief Data Officer, Salesforce





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