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Artificial intelligence Olympic –

Olympic Of Artificial Intelligence Is All Set To Start In June 2019


Olympic of Artificial Intelligence is all set to happen on June 2019, and it will be called an Animal-AI Olympics. In this competition, Artificial Intelligence will be going to treat like a crow or rat against concrete challenges.

This competition will test the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence against tasks that were originally designed to test animal cognition, in order to find out how close we are with machines that have common sense.

What I mean by machine with common sense is that the machines must be able to generate its very own logic against all odds and challenges in order to solve the problem, in the same way, the crow did, the crow about whom we heard in our school books.

The story of the crow goes like this, there was a thirsty crow who finds a pitcher with a small amount of water beyond the reach of its beak. After failing to push the pitcher over, the crow came up with a different idea.







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