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Partnership on AI (full name Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society) is a nonprofit coalition committed to the responsible use of artificial intelligence. It researches best practices for artificial intelligence systems and to educate the public about AI. Publicly announced September 28, 2016, its founding members are Amazon, Facebook, Google, DeepMind, Microsoft, and IBM, with interim co-chairs Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research and Mustafa Suleyman of DeepMind. Apple joined the consortium as a founding member in January 2017. More than 100 partners from academia, civil society, industry, and nonprofits are member organizations in 2019.
In January 2017, Apple head of advanced development for Siri, Tom Gruber, joined the Partnership on AI’s board. In October 2017, Terah Lyons joined the Partnership on AI as the organization’s founding Executive Director. Lyons brings to the organization her expertise in technology governance, with a specific focus in machine intelligence, AI, and robotics policy, having formerly served as Policy Advisor to the United States Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith.

In October 2018, Baidu became the first Chinese firm to join the Partnership.


You might have seen some of the headlines in the news around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and how in the US, the European Union and Asia many countries are increasing their public and private investment in this field. AI is present everywhere nowadays, from a simple semantic search on the internet to some of the latest self-driving vehicles already available in many places. It is expected that by the year 2022 worldwide spending in AI systems will reach 78 billion US dollars and that the spending in AI servers will grow from 5 billion to 18 billion US dollars. These figures alone represent a substantial opportunity for Cisco and for our Partners.

Another interesting learning from these events was that contrary to what most people might think, a larger percentage of Machine Learning deployments are deployed on-premise as opposed to on cloud . This poses an immediate opportunity for Cisco and our partners in terms of supporting our customers with their initial deployments in their own Data Centers. There are some intrinsic benefits for deploying ML on premise, among them we can list the data gravity integration and application performance, governance and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), while on cloud deployments provide faster deployments and simplicity.

An AI/ML solution requires multidisciplinary skills and a deep collaboration between different stakeholders, including Data Scientists and Data Engineers, the CIO and the different business leaders as well as the IT team. Without all these different teams working together with a common and joint objective a successful deployment would be really difficult to realize.

Artificial intelligence or AI, if short, is one of the hottest and discussed trends nowadays. Logically, more and more companies are looking for an AI partner to join the Fortune 1000 group, stay at their place in the sun or, at least, to survive. And, probably, you have already had the same thoughts. But is there a reliable way to find an AI partner for enterprise? We say — yes. Obviously, it is not the simplest challenge ever, but our tips are here to help you. Follow them to establish a reliable Artificial Intelligence consulting partner and to reach your goals.




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