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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gradually entering every sphere of our society for more than a decade. Although not as dangerous as in the movies, this piece of technology has the ability to empower people and automate processes by using machine learning and other cutting-edge scientific discoveries.
The casino industry is already using AI to improve customer experience, but some people object to this technology—fearing it may interfere with businesses related to casinos and affect games so as to change the outcome in favor of casinos.

On the other hand, some bold claims have been made by casinos too. They state that players may use AI in the future to sway the probability in their favor.

The primary focus is on online casino slots because they seem too exposed and easy to meddle with. However, casino games don’t use artificial intelligence that would affect the gameplay and punch players below the belt, and neither can players use AI to make casino games work in their favor.

There is a relationship between AI and online slots, but it is not what you think it is or what many people fear. Artificial intelligence is mainly used to improve overall gaming experience and it does not affect RTP or any other factor that could affect the gameplay or potential outcome.

These two are bound to get closer at a certain point in the future and improve each other. AI will be able to gain a deeper insight into casino games and improve them, making the world of online casino games much more inviting and entertaining. As long as their relationship does not affect the fairness of games, that sounds like a good thing.





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