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Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Smartphone Market The integration of this technology is bound to transform how we use devices.

Phone today are characterized by their user interfaces and the closets thing they have to integrated artificial intelligence is Siri, Cortana, or Google’s Assistant.
However, this is going to change in a few years when artificial intelligence becomes mainstream.

As this technology is implemented into smartphones, it will change how we use them and alter the market forever. Rather than market-based on UI changes, smartphone companies will begin advertising based on the capability of their AI systems.


Artificial Intelligence is the backbone for many groundbreaking applications in industrial, automotive and video gaming. Now, AI is taking center stage in smartphones, and it goes far beyond applications like digital assistants. The emergence of Edge-AI technology allows moving many of the backend profiling AI capabilities to the phone itself.
Apple, Samsung and Huawei have all introduced smartphones with powerful AI chips that can perform up to 5 trillion operations per second and use significantly less power to accomplish tasks. With AI, these phones provide features from Face ID to augmented reality. AI is even used to improve photo quality, with an AI-recognition of depth that enables digital image postproduction editing of blur and sharpness.

According to Gartner Inc., “Artificial intelligence (AI) features will become a critical product differentiator for smartphone manufacturers that will help them to acquire new customers while retaining current users. As the smartphone market shifts from selling technology products to delivering compelling and personalized experiences, AI solutions running on the smartphone will become an essential part of vendor roadmaps over the next two years.”

The smartphone AI market is poised to grow along with smartphone ownership, which is expected to grow to 3.8 billon by 2021, according to market researcher Newzoo. While many phone manufacturers are building in expected AI features like user authentication, emotion recognition and device management, the true potential of AI-enabled smartphones is in understanding user behaviors.






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