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Since social data is mostly unrefined data and related information is added rather than simple one-way information offered on a web site, the search method and contents must be different, and a social search technology, taking this factor into consideration, is currently being developed. In addition, location-based technology, text mining technology, and AI are technical elements that enhance the value of social network services.


Since Social Networking Service (SNS) appeared in the world, Sharing Economy evolved, and, there has been change in one’s sense of values from ownership to shared utilization. Community is structured and formed in the information space of SNS where self-participation is essential, and, in this community lately new sense of social value is being formed.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be equipped even in SNS environment, and “Intelligence” will be promoted and progressed further in the digital space where we all are closely involved.

The reason why these changes have been continuously made, and, why there will be more and more possible and drastic changes in the people’s sense of value and style of living could be reverse phenomenon of the flow of management resources.




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