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Technology is advancing quickly in the business landscape (such as touchless processing) — there’s certainly no arguing that. And while taking advantage of emerging technologies like AI and RPA can help businesses automate processes and gain a competitive edge today, before we know it, adopting these technologies will be a requirement just to keep up with competitors.

Touchless claim processing- the promised land
At present, claim-settlement is a lengthy process, and claims are touched or handled by multiple agencies before the claim amount is approved and disbursed. The situation has remained the same over the years. Hence, In India, where there are 230 million vehicles and 1,200 accidents on a day to day basis, inspection and claim processing can be a tedious and time-consuming affair. Thus, you and your cars often have to remain off-road for days following a mishap.

However, with the dawn of AI, all the manual intervention can be done away with. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, telematics, Big Data and a host of other technologies help capture damage, perform audits, report claims and communicate with the customer. Thus, with AI, the claim processing time is expected to come down from days to a matter of minutes.

Artificial intelligence – moving towards touchless accounts payable?

In the future, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in every company. Organizations from all sectors will automate a vast range of tasks using machine learning algorithms. AI chatbots will be on hand to respond to queries and speed up processes. According to recent research conducted by Forrester, 89% of organizations plan to implement AI in supply chain and procurement processes over the next two years.




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