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Artificial intelligence allows to think and act humanely and rationally through hardware systems and software programs capable of providing performances that, to an ordinary observer, would seem to be the exclusive domain of natural (human) intelligence. The applications are more and more extensive, thanks also to the big data available today and the ability of self-learning (machine learning) or instead to the synergies with the natural intelligence, which for vision and flexibility remains irreplaceable. The examination of the business models of the companies that base their strategies on artificial intelligence or, more extensively, of the traditional companies using specific applications is preliminary to a framework of the legal problems (still pioneering) and of the profiles of economic evaluation.


Valuation of a real estate property is done considering a large number of factors. The key factors used in this process include location, amenities, neighborhood, covered area, number of rooms, accessibility from main areas of the region, brand name and other finer details of the property. The data gathered from all these sources is usually enormous, and hence require a substantial time and effort to get analyzed and evaluated after being collected.
Artificial Intelligence has been there for decades and is disrupting various industries for the better. Real estate market is one of few industries to embrace technology a little later, but now thousands of companies are investing millions in this domain to change the face of real estate industry. Implementation of artificial intelligence in real estate industry, for property valuation, is an attempt to make the process speedy, accurate, more efficient and easier.






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