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Domain knowledge is understanding, ability and information that applies to a specific topic, profession or activity. The term is commonly used to describe the knowledge of experts in a particular area. In many cases, domain knowledge is highly specific such as the details of a proprietary technology.


Domain knowledge is defined as the knowledge of a specific, specialized discipline, profession, or activity, in contrast to general knowledge. In other words, the term domain knowledge is used to describe the knowledge of specialists or experts in a particular field.

Typically, those with domain knowledge work in a specialized field. When developing software for any given industry, it’s important to recognize the significant differences between industries. For example, software for a finance company will look drastically different than software for a pharmaceutical company. Finance companies need to worry about the numbers, tracking finances and ensuring payments and transfers are done appropriately. Pharmaceutical companies might need to focus on appropriate legal, medical, and regulatory reviews and the software they used must take that into consideration for quality purposes.
Domain knowledge is significant and valuable to organizations because it is usually a targeted skill learned from software developers. When a specialist has domain knowledge and can translate that knowledge into computer programs and active data, it can transform software and ensure it is specialized for a particular field, making it extremely valuable for end users. With the type of technology available in the market these days, ensuring software is specifically tailored for your audience can make all the difference against competitors. That’s why domain knowledge if such a valuable and sought-after asset.

Domain knowledge can be used to describe a variety of fields, but some of the most popular domains are finance, retail, telecom, legal, medical, sports, education, and more.




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