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Physical distribution is the set of activities concerned with efficient movement of finished goods from the end of the production operation to the consumer. … Physical distribution is part of a larger process called “distribution,” which includes wholesale and retail marketing, as well the physical movement of products.


The Types of Physical Distributions
  • Supplying Distribution. Supplying distribution is when businesses transport materials from supply to stock. …
  • Carriers. …
  • Intermodal Transportation. …
  • Cargo Planes. …
  • Sales and Distribution.

In essence, physical distribution management (PDM) involves controlling the movement of materials and goods from their source to their destination. … It is a highly complex process, and one of the most important aspects of any business. PDM is the “other” side of marketing.

The principal objectives of physical distribution are to deliver the right goods to the right customer at the right time and place. ADVERTISEMENTS: In other words, efficiency and satisfactory service are key goals of physical distribution, although there might be some conflicts with each other.




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