J-Startup / スタートアップ

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J-Startup / スタートアップ

育成支援プログラム「J-Startup」です。 = 経済産業省

A new initiative created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) in 2018, the J-Startup Program cultivates the brightest of Japan’s startups to succeed in the world market. Recommenders from leading business communities determine and select a group from over 10,000 Japanese startups to join the program.

The J-Startup Program works with JETRO and the private sector to provide the following services to the selected startups:

  • – Granting private business spaces and fee preferences
  • – Professional mentors from leading technology companies
  • – Collaberation opportunities with large companies in similar fields
  • – Welcoming programs from Ministers and other important figures
  • – Marketing services designed for startups to succeed in overseas markets
  • – Opportunities to exhibit at the world’s largest tech conferences, such as CES and SLUSH
  • – And more!

Challenging the frontiers of the new business world.

J-Startup.com is for sale!

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