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Meta marketing is "the synthesis of all managerial, traditional, scientific, social and historical foundations of marketing,” a term first coined by E.J.Kelly while discussing the issue of ethics and science of marketing [1] Thus, Meta Marketing is an attempt to widen the horizons of marketing by covering non-profit organisations. The best examples of Meta Marketing can be selling family planning ideas or the idea of prohibition.

A Meta market will bring all buyers and sellers in one place for one purpose only. Instead of giving multiple products to one customer, a Meta market brings together different customers who need not necessarily differentiate between closely related products. Meta market is thus, a place, where everything connected with a certain market can be found. Let's say a car selling in a Meta market would be a website, that sells cars but you will also find car parts there, add-ons for cars, colours for cars, mechanic's reviews, etc. So Meta market of a certain market is a market, where you can find everything about that market and everything about markets that are strongly connected to that market.

Meta marketing is an approach to the study of marketing and its relationship to every aspect of life by focussing on all social, ethical, scientific and business experience in marketing, thus establishing a body of knowledge base on the integration of every facet of experience with the human personality.

There can be two different ideologies associated with meta-marketing. One, as described above, is essentially bringing together closely related industries under one umbrella industry and the other is as follows:

Meta marketing can be defined as a combination of the ethical, scientific, social, traditional, and managerial aspects of marketing. It essentially creates an online market space where the buyers and consumers of a line of products come together to buy/sell said product.

The metaverse allows companies to create their own world that represents their brand, which no video, ad, words or image could do. Each world can be unique and create a fully immersive experience for customers. The metaverse offers a more immersive experience than traditional advertising.

According to Facts and Factors, the Global Metaverse Market size was valued at around USD 210 Billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow about USD 730.5 Billion by 2028, at a CAGR of approximately 23.2% between 2022 and 2028.

How big is the metaverse opportunity?

Metaverse potential market opportunity worldwide 2021, by scenario. The potential metaverse market opportunity ranges from 3.75 trillion U.S. dollars to 12.46 trillion U.S. dollars, depending on the share of the digital economy that shifts to the metaverse and market expansion.

Here is the step-by-step process to create your own metaverse virtual world,

  1. Choose the proper use case of a metaverse.
  2. Create the user interface for your platform.
  3. Code operational smart contracts.
  4. Create the IPFS storage system.
  5. Making a metaverse database.
  6. Develop the core AI and VR functionalities. More items...

How much does it cost to create a metaverse?
In the fiscal 2022, the company now is expected to spend over $80 billion. However, on an average the cost of a Metaverse social media platform can range from $25,000 to $400,000, depending on the feature-set and technologies used to develop the platform.

How can I make money from metaverse?
There are several ways to start earning money in the metaverse. These include flipping digital assets, hosting virtual events, participating in play-to-earn games, designing virtual spaces, and investing in metaverse tokens.

Can I build my own metaverse?
You can build metaverse virtual world experiences only with massive computing power for supporting AI-related tasks, data processing, analytics, and other tasks. The metaverse virtual world of your plans would also need open and interoperable standards for media and 3D applications.

Can you create your own metaverse land?
Anyone can create a metaverse for their community, common interest group, shared cause or for any reason for people to come together. Metaverse economies are powered by crypto assets and experiences. For instance, crypto assets may be used to purchase items at stores run by other users.

How do I become a metaverse developer?

As a Metaverse developer, one needs to have the skills of creating a digital and immersive world that the users can communicate with. Developers need to build such applications and games which could interact with the users with the help of VI, AR, and AI technology.

How do you make money on metaverse?
There are several ways to start earning money in the metaverse. These include flipping digital assets, hosting virtual events, participating in play-to-earn games, designing virtual spaces, and investing in metaverse tokens.

How do I create a metaverse avatar?

To get started, click the Create Avatar button on Choose your body type, and you'll then be prompted to upload a photo. You can take a picture right then, or upload one from your device. The system uses this image to generate an avatar that looks like you.