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"Metaverse", also known as the "Internet for Next Generation", is said to be changing the nature of society and industry. Metaverse Expo Tokyo gathers all kinds of related services/technologies, and enables direct business meetings with people from all industries including PR/Advertisement/Marketing, General Affairs, Human Resources, Retailers, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing, and Event Organisers. This show is held twice in a year at Makuhari Messe in October and at Tokyo Big Sight in June.

The Metaworld by Zixel - The 1st Immersive Metaverse Exhibition

Join us at the Metaworld, the very first immersive metaverse exhibition in Southeast Asia, brought to you by Zixel from Zipmex at Siam Paragon from 17th February onwards!
Have you ever been curious about NFTs and the Metaverse? Come discover the new phenomenon at The Metaworld by Zixel where physical and digital lives converge, and creativity is limitless in location-defying worlds!

  • Date: 17th February - 20th March, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Siam Paragon, North Zone, 1st floor

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What to expect

  • Into the Metaverse - Adventure through new worlds in Decentraland and Thailand’s Brandverse at our Game Station where you can learn how to explore, create and trade on Decentraland.
  • Zixel NFT Gallery - Discover ‘phygital’ experiences with an IRL gallery displaying NFTs curated by Zixel. Step inside to explore NFT art, internet culture, and innovative new concepts from local brands, creators, and artists working in a variety of digital formats.
  • Zixel NFT Factory - Create, customize and collect your very own NFT with Metaworld’s NFT Factory with Thailand’s first virtual influencer, Bangkok Naughty Boo

1. Customize and Style - Create your virtual avatar from head-to-toe. Choose from a range of skin tones, faces and hairstyles. Don’t forget to complete your look with digital fashion outfits and accessories!

2. Pose and Snap - Get creative with your avatar poses using motion capture technology to record your every move in real time. Your Snap will be turned into a motion file and displayed in The Metaworld.

3. Connect and Collect - Want your very own NFT, for free? It’s simple! Just head to the Experience Center to sign up and connect your Metamask wallet to make it yours.

  • Crypto Arcade - The arcade is back! Hit the play-to-earn gashapon machines to win crypto tokens, merch and lots of prizes.
  • Zipmex Experience Center - Collect your NFTs and join exclusive talks with industry thought leaders and Zipmex’s crypto experts.

Sign up to Zipmex before attending the event to seamlessly collect prizes, crypto rewards and NFTs:
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The metaverse* is rapidly changing how culture is consumed, curated and designed, affecting both virtual and in-person art experiences. In this course we will look at how museum professionals and curators are working online to create new types of cultural and spatial experiences.

Web-based exhibitions and content have seen a renaissance since the beginning of the pandemic as our lives migrated online at an accelerated rate. Startups and large corporate firms are racing to create infrastructure for the metaverse, while artists and curators are inhabiting and experimenting with new platforms to create and exhibit their work. Simultaneously traditional museums are seeing decreased attendance numbers, making it particularly urgent for institutions and cultural practitioners to consider the impact of virtual exhibition-making. Illustrated through examples and references, and accompanied by in-class exercises, course attendants will explore virtual exhibitions together and think through the questions that arise in showing art online.

Core topics include accessibility and affordances of virtual exhibitions, as well as questions of authorship and authenticity. To anchor the debates the course will introduce terminology and technical concepts behind spatial techniques such as 3d modeling, 3d scanning as well as virtual and augmented reality. The sessions are designed to be accessible for any museum professional,  designer or artist interested in expanding their view of what exhibition-making is and can be.