Metaverse Humanity

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Metaverse Humanity

While the metaverse is a great place to become a new version of yourself, it is easier to start with who you are already and build from there. Hyperreal technologies lower the barriers of entry for regular people that want to have everyday human experiences in virtual environments.

In 2021, the rapid rise of the Metaverse caused a lot of cultural and humanistic concerns. Some people believe that the Metaverse challenged the humanistic connotation of existing culture and caused humanistic rupture. This concern is not unreasonable, but there are also misunderstandings. The connotation of humanity should be defined as various aspects of humanity, that is, humanity should not be regarded as a whole, but as various aspects with both fluidity and imbalance. From the existing technology-based culture to the meta cosmic culture, the humanities have changed successively, forming a form of topological change. All aspects of humanity always present themselves in challenges and changes, and there is no rigid solidification of the whole of humanity. The Metaverse will shape new humanistic values and connotations. It is not an involution of human self consumption. Therefore, the “rupture” of the humanistic aspects of the Metaverse is not a fact, but an idea imagination. The “Reconstruction” of the humanistic aspects is a form of the combination of fact promotion and the elimination of misleading ideas, and its
mechanism is a topological migration.

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