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Metaverse Pop-up is for sale!

Future of retail – Virtual Pop-up Metaverse

Pop-up metaverse stores have been a mainstay in the retail world since the 1990s. The idea behind pop-up retail is to “pop up” one day, and disappear within a few days or weeks. For customers, this sudden appearance creates a sense of surprise, and the impending disappearance creates a sense of urgency to browse and buy the products. For retailers, this sense of impermanence allows them to create a unique environment that is engaging and interactive. Oftentimes, pop-up stores appear to capitalise on events such as Chinese New Year, Halloween or Christmas. For landlords, pop-up stores give them an opportunity to gain some income for unused pieces of property. Pop-up retail can range from small and not-quite-legal enterprises such as selling fake T-shirts outside a rock concert to larger efforts by more well-known brands such as Dr. Martens and Auchentoshan.

What is Pop-up Retail Metaverse

But have you heard of pop-ups in the metaverse? To be clear, there is no one single entity called the “Metaverse”. There are currently many metaverses in existence, each with different features and functions. While Meta’s Horizon Worlds sees its metaverse as one that features virtual reality, other metaverses such as Sandbox and Decentraland feature blockchain technology as their main technological backbone. Many ambitious NFT (non-fungible token) projects such as Metalandblocks and Kanye West’s have also planned for metaverse development in their own roadmaps. Needless to say, a metaverse’s success is highly dependent on its support from its “residents”, including those who own entry tickets, land or businesses.

A virtual pop-up metaverse is a digital space that exists outside of the traditional internet. It is a 3D, interactive, and immersive environment where users can interact with each other and with digital content. The term “pop-up” refers to the ability of the metaverse to appear and disappear quickly and easily, without any need for installation or setup.

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Samsung Reimagines the Flagship Store as a Metaverse Pop-up

Shlomo Sprung

Harnessing the power of Web3, Samsung presents a glimpse of what the future of the storefront looks like for brands great and small.

You no longer have to bring your physical self to New York City to experience Samsung’s NYC flagship store location in between the Whitney Museum of Art and Chelsea Market in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Samsung 837X, alluding to the company’s physical location at 837 Washington Street, opened Thursday in the metaverse on gamified, blockchain-powered virtual platform Decentraland as Samsung 837X on a limited-time basis. The opening included a dance party by DJ Gamma Vibes from the physical location with mixed reality elements that included metaverse guests in the action, a first for the company.

After Meta announced their latest undertaking to launch the concept of the Metaverse, all brands, consumers, and technology connoisseurs have fallen in line with the latest updates to stay ahead.

Brands have ramped up their digital efforts during each phase of the pandemic as we all face a new Metaverse transformation of the internet, also known as Web 3.0. The subsequent development of the internet is around the corner, and brands within popular culture like apparel, music, and entertainment are testing the waters by engaging in various prototypes of the Metaverse. Platforms such as Roblox, Fortnite, and Sandbox are just a few examples of the earliest creations.

To further clarify what the metaverse looks like, envision a compounded version of the internet, where the physical world meets the virtual one. Essentially, users will enter the metaverse as an avatar. Like social networks, users can chat with their friends in a virtual environment, shop together, organize joint business meetings or take remote classes. We are witnessing a dramatic change in nearly every industry, especially in retail and apparel. There’s been such a significant impact that brands have begun shifting their marketing efforts into virtual pop-ups and brand activations that we would usually only see through live experiences.

Recently, we have moved closer to the metaverse, as the latest trends reveal a future where individuals will be living, working, and shopping in a virtual world. For instance, imagine an online store converted into a 3D, virtual experience resembling the physical world. Users can shop as their avatar in this digital storefront and can make their selections to be delivered to their homes. As virtual marketing budgets and resources increase, they will utilize them to enter their brand into the metaverse environment. We will continue to see a rise in brand activations and pop-ups within the metaverse retail space. FGPG touches on the latest brands to develop their activations in the latest metaverse landscape, ComplexLand 3.0, and how they pave the way for metaverse commerce and retail.

'Metaverse, Schmetaverse' Pop-Up Coming to Los Angeles

Emerging fashion startup doors. is bringing its New York-based experiential pop-up shop to California to showcase dozens of independent fashion designers and cult niche brands.    Jacqueline Barba

doors., an emerging fashion, art and beauty online and experiential brick-and-mortar retailer is bringing its New York-based pop-up, dubbed “Metaverse, Schmetaverse,” to West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, where it will remain May 28through June 26.

The pop-up shop will showcase over 50 independent fashion designers and cult niche brands from more than 20 countries and 10 beauty brands selected by Beautyque NYC, which is doors.’ beauty partner and a 3D, multi-brand retail virtual storefront in the beauty industry. The highly curated selection of fashion collections includes Paris-based Y/ Project, Seoul-established elevated street-wear brand Juun J , New York Fashion Week favorites Private Policy and Ph5, as well as LA-based fashion talents like Emily Westenberger and Maison Audmi.

The doors. pop-up provides space for independent designers and emerging artists to showcase their work in a prime location, providing exclusive access to unique fashion and art that are not available in any other retail spaces in Los Angeles.

The doors. LA pop-up will host nearly 20 events throughout the duration of one month including a Pride beauty collection launch by celebrity stylist Derek Warburton & Face Stockholm, a collection launch by purpose-first fashion and art collection The Power of Words, “meet-the-designer” events, presentations, a live artmaking session with LA street artist MRSN, a panel discussion on the influence of the metaverse, and beauty and styling events with social media influencers, according to a company release.