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NEOM Cities is for sale!

Neom is a Saudi smart city which is currently being built in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia, having been announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017.

Neom (styled NEOM; Arabic: نيوم Neom, Hejazi pronunciation: [nɪˈjo̞ːm]) is a city being built in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is planned to incorporate smart city technologies and function as a tourist destination.

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, June 14, 2022 – NEOM today awarded drill and blast tunneling contracts for work on the region's infrastructure, which is considered one of the world's largest transportation and utility infrastructure projects, and it is an essential element in ensuring NEOM continues to meet its ...

NEOM’s smart city is all about cultivating the future of living and industry – and the city’s media hub is expected to be abuzz with the best of Saudi Arabia’s creative talents. Moreover, it will be an economic contributor to the kingdom, as stated by project’s senior executives. Wayne Borg, Managing Director of Media & Entertainment at NEOM stated, “For all of the great infrastructure we will have and for all of the great companies we will attract, fundamentally the success of this proposition will rest on our ability to develop that talent pool.”

Still in its initial stages, the media hub will be an integral part of the NEOM smart city and is a concept that is preparing itself to compete with some of the world’s biggest and best creative epicenters, whilst also nurturing and developing local Saudi talent. Borg also added, “Initially we will bring talent in, we want knowledge transfer, we want the young people to learn from the best at a global standard. We need to develop that talent pool here.

The media hub will also be a place for education and empowerment as young people interested in the creative sectors will be offered opportunities to gain work experience with well-established filmmakers and producers for example.

“We should be there to provide every opportunity for young Saudis who want to pursue their careers who may not have had the opportunity in the past or would have had to go overseas. Now they can stay here and do it in the Kingdom and work with the world’s best,” said Wayne Borg.

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  • The project has received its fair share of skepticism around feasibility.
  • Located on a coastal strip in Tabuk in the northwest of the country, there are three areas of Neom that have been officially announced — primarily The Line.
  • The other planned Neom areas are Oxagon, a “gateway to advanced and clean industries,” which will become the largest floating industrial complex in the world.
  • And Trojena, a year-round destination with mountain quality dry air, a ski slope, mountain biking, water sports, wellness facilities, and an interactive nature reserve.

Saudi Arabia will set aside 300 billion riyals ($80 billion) for an investment fund tied to the crown prince's flagship megaproject, Neom, and plans an initial public offering of the project on the kingdom's stock market as soon as 2024.

Saudi Arabia's NEOM Green Hydrogen Company has selected India's Larsen & Toubro as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for solar and wind plants to power the planned $5bn green hydrogen-based ammonia plant at the NEOM development.