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NEOM World is for sale!

NEOM is the city waiting to be discovered, you will find tourism in NEOM such as mountains, seas and an amazing life full of excitement. Every tourist site in NEOM is a marvel of nature, a force of extraordinary beauty.

NEOM aims to be the future of livability as its foundation, unprecedented in scope. The name "NEOM" is derived from two words. The first three letters from the Ancient Greek prefix neo-meaning "new". The fourth letter is from the abbreviation of Mostaqbal, an arabic word meaning "future".

NEOM already operates direct flights to select regional and international destinations from its NEOM Bay Airport, using the current national carrier Saudia, which includes NEOM branded livery.

Flying taxis, robotic avatars and holograms — Saudi Arabia pushes ahead with its sci-fi city vision

  • The project has received its fair share of skepticism around feasibility.
  • Located on a coastal strip in Tabuk in the northwest of the country, there are three areas of Neom that have been officially announced — primarily The Line.
  • The other planned Neom areas are Oxagon, a “gateway to advanced and clean industries,” which will become the largest floating industrial complex in the world.
  • And Trojena, a year-round destination with mountain quality dry air, a ski slope, mountain biking, water sports, wellness facilities, and an interactive nature reserve.

Saudi Arabia will set aside 300 billion riyals ($80 billion) for an investment fund tied to the crown prince's flagship megaproject, Neom, and plans an initial public offering of the project on the kingdom's stock market as soon as 2024.

Saudi Arabia's NEOM Green Hydrogen Company has selected India's Larsen & Toubro as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for solar and wind plants to power the planned $5bn green hydrogen-based ammonia plant at the NEOM development.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been attracting international attention for the momentum of its transformation taking place under the Vision 2030 development plan. In 2017, Prince Mohammed bin Salman first unveiled NEOM, KSA’s flagship business and tourism development. Located on the Red Sea coast, NEOM is a central project in the 2030 Vision outlining the Kingdom’s plans to diversify the economy.

NEOM offers unique opportunities and advantages to leading investors and business owners worldwide. It will enable them to gain direct access to both Saudi and global markets, given its unique geographic location linking three continents.

Deloitte has developed the Foreign Investment Advisory center of excellence (‘FIA’) with a view to assist prospective investors throughout their investment journey in KSA. We provide advice on business structures, licensing, workforce planning, immigration, tax and much more.

Investing in technology

Motamayor explained that Neom plans to lead a Red Sea marine species biotech development program that will serve as an innovation center for the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region in aquaculture genomic research and development.

To reach this goal, two things are needed: great infrastructure and strong partnerships; and both are well under way, he said. On the infrastructure side, Neom is building RAS indoor tanks, recirculating ponds, offshore and nearshore cages, hatchery and nursery facilities; algae and insect production plants and seafood processing facilities.

“All our infrastructure is designed to reach the highest biosecurity, sustainability and environmental standards, including maintaining a zero-discharge policy,” he said. “Simultaneously, we’re developing strong partnerships with leading biotech companies in the region and worldwide, exploring technologies including pioneering genomic selection.”

Impact of digital marketing on SMEs performance in Saudi Arabia: Implications on building NEOM

Author(s): Areej Algumzi
Subject(s): Marketing / Advertising, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Transnational Press London
Keywords: NEOM; SMEs; digital marketing; promotion; strategy; performance;

Summary/Abstract: Digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing approaches due to an increase in the access to internet and communication technologies across the globe. In addition, it has created an opportunity for SMEs with limited market and funding to promote their brand across different regions, supporting balanced regional development. In this context, Saudi Arabia has been promoting the growth of SMEs through various initiatives as a part of its vision 2030 programme. Accordingly, NEOM city, a multi-billion project was launched to support businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers by proposing the city as a hub for international entrepreneurs. However, it is unclear how the local SMEs and their approaches toward digital marketing would be impacted, and how the city can support them. This paper analyses and evaluates the impact of digital marketing on SMEs performance in Saudi Arabia, and its implications for developing NEOM city. An online survey questionnaire instrument was used for collecting data from 358 entrepreneurs and business owners categorised under SMEs. Low-cost marketing mix with techniques such as email marketing, social media marketing are preferred by SMEs. Cultural, economic, and technological are the major factors identified influencing the adoption of digital marketing by SMEs. Digital marketing reflected more positive impact on strategic performance (customers and employees’ satisfaction) than financial performance (profitability and sustainability) of Saudi Arabian SMEs. Saudi Arabian SMEs reflect their readiness and preparedness to reap the benefits from the Saudization programme, with a few minor issues related to socio-cultural, technological, and labour challenges.

Neom: A Novel from the World of Central Station

Paperback – November 9, 2022 by Lavie Tidhar (Author)

Today, Neom is a utopian dream―a megacity of the future yet to be built in the Saudi desert. In this deeply imaginative novel from the award-winning universe of Central Station, far-future Neom is already old. Sentient machines roam the desert searching for purpose, works of art can be more deadly than weapons, and the spark of a long-overdue revolution is in the wind. Only the rekindling of an impossible love affair may slow the inevitable sands of time.

“This is Tidhar at his best: the crazily proliferating imagination, the textures, the ideas, the dazzling storytelling. A brilliant portrait of community and its possibilities.”
―Adam Roberts, author of Purgatory Mount

The city known as Neom is many things to many beings, human or otherwise. It is a tech wonderland for the rich and beautiful; an urban sprawl along the Red Sea; and a port of call between Earth and the stars.

In the desert, young orphan Elias has joined a caravan, hoping to earn his passage off-world. But the desert is full of mechanical artefacts, some unexplained and some unexploded. Recently, a wry, unnamed robot has unearthed one of the region’s biggest mysteries: the vestiges of a golden man.

In Neom, childhood affection is rekindling between loyal shurta-officer Nasir and hardworking flower-seller Mariam. But Nasu, a deadly terrorartist, has come to the city with missing memories and unfinished business. Just one robot can change a city’s destiny with a single rose―especially when that robot is in search of lost love.

Lavie Tidhar's (Unholy Land, The Escapement) newest lushly immersive novel, Neom, which includes a guide to the Central Station-verse, is at turns gritty, comedic, transportive, and fascinatingly plausible.