NFT Certifies

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NFT Certifies is for sale!

NFTs are stored in the Blockchain and tracked via NFT tracking platforms. The transactions of the Non-Fungible tokens are performed on Blockchains. Each transaction is stored in a different block which has its own transaction code which cannot be duplicated. Hence, these blockchains are used to track and verify NFTs.

To get your NFT collection verified on OpenSea, you must:

Firstly, click on the 'Edit' button on your collection/account. Then select the 'Apply For A Collection Badge' option, and select 'Request Badge'. A dedicated customer support team will then go through your profile and respond within 7 working days.

Copyright law does not give an NFT owner any rights unless the creator takes affirmative steps to make sure that it does — ideally, by executing a standard, formal copyright license to the work connected to the NFT.

The Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) certification is a new certification for NFT professionals aspiring to make the most out of NFTs. With the CNFT certification, you will gain an in-depth understanding of NFTs and their applications that will boost your career.

The CNFTP certification is the best tool for anyone who wishes to board the NFT bandwagon and make the most of digital assets. Learners will understand what are NFTs, their use cases and benefits, how to buy and sell NFTs, trading, and more.

Make the most of the lucrative opportunities in the NFT market with insights from top industry experts and a self-paced training experience, with the new CNFTP certification. Find your way through the mazes of NFTs and build your career as an NFT professional with practical NFT skills.

What is NFT certified?

Certified NFT Expert™ is a Certification that aims to cover all known aspects of Non-Fungible Assets existing in the Ethereum Blockchain environment today. The focus of this certification is to make the NFT concepts accessible to the community with little to no knowledge of Blockchain technology beforehand.

How do I create a Verisart Certified NFT?

  1. Step 1: Create a certificate for a digital work before minting it.
  2. Step 2: Mint your NFT and add the certificate URL to the artwork description.
  3. Step 3: Link your wallet & add on-chain information to your digital certificate.

Our NFT Certificate of Authentication allows for the COA on your physical fine artwork to live in your blockchain wallet as a non-fungible token, for not only safekeeping and digital permanence, but for the ability to own a smart contract form of the COA.

Authentication enables you to check who minted the NFT, when, and how many people owned it. So that you're buying the real NFT, and not a knockoff version. Thanks to blockchain technology, every digital asset is verifiable and consists of a transaction log that can assist in proving the record of ownership.