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NFT Handmade is for sale!

Gucci and Superplastics create SUPERGUCCI NFTs and handmade collectibles

By akshitajain

Welcome to the future as Gucci’s second dip in the NFTs space is with SUPERPLASTICS, creator of animated celebrities and digital vinyl toys.
In 2022 you can’t turn a corner without hearing about NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). From NFTs being a part of the Barbie x Balmain collaboration to Hermès filing a lawsuit against the individual behind the ‘100 MetaBirkins’ NFTs, every day in the world of fashion is now an exploration of the metaverse and the many offerings of the digital space.

In light of this trend, Gucci has teamed up with SUPERPLASTICS, the world’s leading creator of animated celebrities, limited vinyl toys, and digital collectibles to launch SUPERGUCCI.

The star of the three-part drop is Crypto Janky, an NFT drop and handmade collectible created by the company’s artists Janky & Guggimon in collaboration with Gucci. The handmade CryptoJanky has been crafted in Italy and similar to the NFT draws inspiration from Gucci’s signature patterns, icons, and symbols. Both the CryptoJanky NFT and the handmade version will go on sale on February 1, 2022.

Captivating Canvases NFT

Captivating Canvases are an NFT series comprised of digitized handmade paintings, which are real paintings, and would be considered works of art to the traditional art scene, as well as in this format to NFT buyers.

Digitized by skilled developers, the artworks are taken from a collection of paintings owned by a wealthy Southern American family, who have allowed the work to be digitized, the collection is made up of many artworks done by painters from the last few centuries, none of whom are still alive, unfortunately.

Cheeky Kyser™ is set to release its handmade NFTs to the blockchain world. The pieces with suggestive and straightforward designs describe the most prominent films of the last century. The Cheeky Kyser digital collectibles are super unique, and audiences will not find similar artworks in the market. In the past, the crypto community has encountered some similar NFT projects, which did not offer truly unique pieces. So, Cheeky Kyser NFTs’ introduction marks a departure from the norm.

Cheeky Kyser NFTs are the first edition globally, and people interested in them should purchase them. The team believes that scarce items are valuable, and buying them is the best method of appreciating that value. However, Cheeky Kyser™ will offer 1 and only 1 Cheeky Kyser from Silver Edition to the 1st place winner of their airdrop. The winner will be able to pick any Silver card they want. This is a unique one-time offer that the creator doesn’t intend to repeat. The offer is one of its kind as most airdrop campaigns don’t let winners choose what NFTs they want to receive. However, Cheeky Kyser™ will let them choose their favorite digital card.

This NFT project is the first one from CryptoKyser which is publicly available, and here’s what he thinks about NFTs:

“Beyond all speculation, NFTs are a chance, a chance to get acquainted with art and quickly obtain unique and authentic works.”