NFTs Calligraphy

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NFTs Calligraphy is for sale!

NFTify, an e-commerce platform designed for the digital content world, is pleased to announce that Nguyen Su, a well-known calligraphy artist, will open a store on NFTify to make his artworks more accessible for calligraphy fans in Vietnam, as well as globally.

Nguyen Su can now develop one central NFT shop where his admirers, over 10K social media followers, and fans of calligraphy in Vietnam and other countries can buy, sell, and trade NFTs based on calligraphy.

IBC Capital chairman Khurram Shroff  has launched a collection from calligraphist Afaque Hussain, valued at $39 million, on the Toronto-based curated digital arts NFT marketplace, Artifya. This is the first-ever Arabic calligraphy collection to be tokenized as NFTs, and Khurram plans to make the artwork available to mosques across North America, in commemoration of the holy month of Ramadan.

NFT printing simply transfers the image already owned to a format that is physical instead of digital, but it's based on the same image stored in the NFT coding itself. As a digital image, once owned, it could be transferred to a file of the NFT and replicated onto a physical surface, such as a canvas print.

Spiritual leader, New York Times bestselling author, and National Chinese calligraphy artist Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha’s ‘Transformative Art’ 5000 NFTs sold out in a month on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, in November. The original artwork has a significant value and was featured at Art Miami Basel.

One of the first-ever Chinese calligraphies to be created as an NFT, Master Sha’s calligraphies create a powerful vibrational field that carries positive energy and messages that transform life. His unique one-stroke calligraphy NFT artwork transcends art to enhance finances and careers and overall wellbeing.

Chinese calligraphy has been revered for centuries as a meditation in motion that nurtures health and success in life. Master Sha is in a lineage going back to the teacher of the last Chinese emperor and royal family. He has converted his revered “Tao Ye Chang Sheng” calligraphy for financial flourishing into a digital NFT format so that more people “can embrace an abundance of positive blessings and boost their financial success,” simply by tracing the digital painting with five fingers every day.

Amongst those speaking positively about the project is David Meltzer, a top business coach and host of’s The Playbook Podcast, who stated, “I was extremely sceptical. But, as soon as I began to trace his calligraphies for ten minutes a day, my life started to change. And it changed dramatically. My business and finances, my health, my relationships, my perspective, my mindset.”

Finally, Chinese Calligraphy is an ancient practice, and now it will live on forever, embedded on the blockchain as an NFT. It is a form of meditation, tracing the artwork with five fingers every day. This is supposed to bring success and health, although there is little scientific proof to support it.