Reiwa Lounge / 令和 ラウンジ

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Reiwa Lounge / 令和 ラウンジ

ラウンジ (Lounge) とは待合室のひとつで、公共の休憩室やロビー、家庭内の居間や客間など、寛げるスペース。または換気扇の下。
  • 空港ラウンジ – 空港内で提供される特別な待合室。
  • ラウンジカー – 列車で飲食物を給仕する車両。同様の設備を有するロビーカーを参照。
  • ラウンジ・ミュージック – イージー・リスニング系音楽の一種。
  • ラウンジ板 – インターネット上の掲示板2ちゃんねるのジャンルの一つ。
  • ラウンジ (接待飲食店) – クラブやスナックバーと同系統の接待飲食店。

noun. The definition of a lounge is an area in a public place such as a hotel, airport or club, where you can sit, wait and relax. A comfortable room in an airport where first class passengers go to wait for their flights is an example of the First Class lounge.

lounge bars. DEFINITIONS1. 1. a room in a pub that is more comfortable and usually more expensive than the public bar. Synonyms and related words.

A “lounge” was the anteroom to a public restroom, usually containing a chaise longue. This is just personal experience of U.S. Southern usage. Sitting room = British English and still used today. Lounge = not a living room.

Bar – a place/counter licensed and stocked to sell alcohol. Pub – a public house where drinks may be bought or served. … Lounge – same like pub only More couches, more cocktails and relaxing background music. One word – comfort.

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