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Virtual Shopping in 3D Store and Malls

3D Shopping / Virtual Store interaction with Buzz 3D technology is as close to real world shopping as it’s possible to get without actually being there.


Qbit Technologies is the first virtual reality company to have developed a fully scalable 3D VR e-commerce online store experience. Our solutions and Virtual Reality Stores are designed to bring the online shopping experience to the next level by immersing users into fully interactive 3D online VR shops. Our Virtual Reality e-Commerce experiences are more interactive and fun, compared to classic 2D online shopping sites.

In your virtual reality environment or 3D space, your customers will evaluate and configure products in 3D, zoom in and out from different angles to evaluate the quality of your products, display information, and make purchases in real time. Virtual reality technologies enable a new series of features to boost the online shopping experience. The visualization and comparison of the items become easier than ever, with accurate 3D models scaled to their real life versions.

Create a 3D online shopping virtual reality environment where customers shop together with their friends, in a 3D social online shopping experience!

Walmart said late Wednesday it is introducing a 3D virtual shopping tour on its website that would help customers browse and choose items for their homes.

The new feature would enable customers to take a virtual shopping tour of a curated apartment showcasing about 70 items from national brands, besides Walmart’s private label offerings.

Starting from July, the company said it would allow customers to add a group of items to a cart that will provide a complete look for their apartments and homes

The announcement comes at a time when retailers are seeking technological advancements to enhance in-store and online customer experience.

The U.S. retail giant is pouring billions of dollars into beefing up its e-commerce business and recently announced partnerships with logistics companies to deliver groceries ordered online.

Walmart’s technology incubator, Store No 8, bought virtual reality startup Spatialand in February to build VR products for the retailer’s stores and websites.






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