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Apple’s Reality Composer app gives you an intuitive interface for constructing 3D compositions and augmented reality (AR) experiences. You combine 3D models, audio, and other assets—along with a description of how these objects behave—into a file that you add to your RealityKit-enabled app. You can also export your composition as a lightweight AR Quick Look experience that lets users place and preview content.

You start by choosing the kind of real-world object that should anchor your scene, like a horizontal surface or the user’s face. Then position virtual elements within your scene. Choose from Reality Composer’s large collection of customizable assets, or import your own in usdz format. Add animations and sound triggered by events like user taps, as well as behaviors driven by physics simulation.

If you compose on a Mac, you can synchronize your composition with Reality Composer on an iOS device to try it in an AR session. Alternatively, compose directly on the iOS device. Either way, you use the RealityKit framework in your app to load, simulate, and render the composition.

In order to interpret the world around us, AI systems must understand visual scenes in three dimensions. This need extends beyond robotics, navigation, and even augmented reality applications. Even with 2D photos and videos, the scenes and objects depicted are themselves three-dimensional, of course, and truly intelligent content-understanding systems must be able to recognize the geometry of a cup’s handle when it’s being rotated in a video, or identify which objects are in the foreground and background of a photo.




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