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Artificial Intelligence that Enables More Profit for Bitcoin Traders
There are clear comparisons that can be made between Artificial Intelligence and Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies. Generally speaking, in itself the blockchain is a primary form of artificial intelligence, as it is able to make decisions and does include some aspects machine based learning, though in the future we expect that the blockchain will become more integrated with AI technologies, neural networks, deep learning and that sort of thing.

According to, Danil Myakin, the co-founder of Squilla Capital, a crypto analytics service, there’s a huge surge in the number of applications that blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence share:


Expecting the New Wave of Bitcoin Price Surge

By 2017, when Bitcoin price surged to its historical maximum it became clear that trading digital currencies is a source of high marginal returns. Today, everyone is expecting the next wave of Bitcoin price rise, and choosing a good AI assistant is a key for profitable trading.

Trading cryptocurrencies without a good experience and financial knowledge has always been a risky. Cryptocurrency trading beginners can easily turn to gambling instead of balanced and deliberate trading on the market. A.I. can easily analyze the cryptocurrency market and calculate the best bets without a risk to become a victim of emotions or nonstandard behaviour.

Moreover, using A.I. for trading allows individual traders to take advantage of multiple aspects of cryptocurrencies without a need of changing your lifestyle and wasting time in front of the computer screen. A.I. can work for you 24/7 and has more patterns of risk management than human alone can predict.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain firms are already exploring how AI can help improve their products and services. Indeed, the development of the blockchain does have big implications for the future of AI and Machine Learning too, especially when we consider data storage and fast access. The blockchain allows huge amounts of data to be stored securely and of course, shared across other entities on that network. These entities, could very well be computers or programmes that have been built to learn from the blockchain, and thus, we see a huge amount of information spread that these programmes can learn from, making Artificial Intelligence, better.




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