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– Artificial Intelligence Streaming –


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into streaming services has changed the game for users on these platforms. With more personalised user experiences and better quality streaming options, it’s no wonder we can’t go one day without them!


While internet users, especially millennials, are consuming a seemingly ever-increasing amount of Video content, entirely new forms of Video content are emerging. Beyond broadcasting live events like sports games, entertainment events, webinars or the coverage of a developing news story, user-generated content (UGC) is on the rise.
Traditionally, Video On Demand (VOD), the programming system that allows users to select and watch Video content whenever they choose, has dominated the online video market. But trends are shifting toward the advantages live-streaming offers. In fact, the average time spent watching live video is higher than VOD on mobile (3.5 minutes vs. 2.8 minutes), tablets (7.1 vs. 4.1) and especially for users watching on their desktop (34.5 vs. 2.6).

Live-streaming events like presidential rallies and other historical events, crucial moments during sporting events, playing of video games and other occurrences allows content creators to connect with both friends and a wider audience. When used in a positive manner, streaming can help create brand identity, showcase talent, develop skills in communication and be used as a tool in campaigns. But despite the opportunities for sharing and interconnection live-streaming presents, it can be unpredictable as well as difficult to moderate.






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