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Transportation, the industry that deals with the movement of commodities and passengers from one place to another, has gone through several studies, researches, trials, and refinements to reach where it is now. One of the major milestones in the history of transportation was the steamboat in the year 1787. Prior to this, people relied on animal-drawn carts for their commute. Thereafter, major breakthroughs that led to the growth of the transportation industry were the invention of bicycles (early 19th century), motor cars (in the 1890s), trains (19th century), and aircrafts (1903). Today, the transportation sector has evolved to a level where vehicles can navigate and move without any human assistance. Technological advancements have helped the transportation sector progress in its journey of innovation and evolution. One such new-age technology that has contributed to the sector is AI. Leveraging AI in transportation helps the sector increase passenger safety, reduce traffic congestion and accidents, lessen carbon emissions, and also minimize the overall financial expenses.

Many technological innovators are implementing artificial intelligence in the public transit sector in an attempt to make public transit run smoother and more accessible to the general public. It seems as though each year major cities work to streamline their public transit systems. Not only do these efforts help provide a meaningful service to the city’s citizens, but they also work to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by cutting the number of single-passenger vehicles on the road.

Dubai aims to improve public transit with the help of AI
Dubai’s use of artificial intelligence has reduced traffic accidents as a result of fatigue in bus drivers as part of a smart city trial.

HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Road and Transport Authority (RTA), has announced the completion of projects within Dubai which go towards smart city credence through the artificial intelligence programme which has been running in the country. The programme was divided between smart enterprise projects, infrastructure and smart vehicles, data management and artificial intelligence, and smart and sustainable transportation.
Al Tayer supports the RTA initiative to transform Dubai into a smart city that improving its population’s wellbeing by providing world-class services. Given the importance of smart mobility as one of the pillars of smart cities, the RTA has focused on implementing this throughout Dubai as a top priority in planning and implementing projects.

The authority has completed a number of smart projects and initiatives, the most important of which is the regulator system, to monitor the condition of drivers in 300 buses. This monitoring contributed to a 65 per cent reduction in accidents which occur as a result of exhaustion in drivers. The daily rate of fatigue or lack of attention monitored by the system registered between five and eight cases a day and consequently, the authority has also begun to install the surveillance cameras in all of Dubai’s more than 10,000 vehicles. As a result of the cameras, passenger satisfaction increased by 83 per cent.




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