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Today, the Wi-Fi network is mission-critical, and it needs to be reliable, resilient, and always available. I’ve talked with several companies that have had digital initiatives fail because of poor Wi-Fi. For example, a high-end retailer deployed tablets for in-store personnel to show more merchandise to its customers to increase impulse purchases. However, the Wi-Fi network was poorly designed and the performance of the mobile application was so bad that it drove customers out of the store.

Why Wi-Fi needs artificial intelligence

Business Wi-Fi has grown in importance, and an AI-based operational model is needed to keep up with increasing demands.

A decade ago, Wi-Fi was considered a network of convenience, but not the primary network. Devices that were important and needed reliable connectivity depended on a wired connection. The Wi-Fi network was used for random, convenient connectivity, such as when a worker was in a conference room. Over the past 10 years, more and more devices have shifted to being Wi-Fi only. Tablets and mobile phones are obvious, but there’s a wide range of IoT devices that are Wi-Fi only. And with Wi-Fi 6 right around the corner, many experts, myself included, expect to see an explosion of Wi-Fi-connected IoT endpoints over the next several years.





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