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If you believe anything can and will be automated with artificial intelligence (AI), then you might not be surprised to know how many notable media organizations including The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, and Yahoo! Sports already use AI to generate content. The Press Association, for example, can now produce 30,000 local news stories a month using AI. You might think that these are formulaic who, what, where and when stories and you are right, some of them certainly are. But, today, AI-written content has expanded beyond formulaic writing to more creative writing endeavors such as poetry and novels.


When we say content, it is the most influencing thing on earth right now. Content marketing and content writing is the non-perishable and immortal technique to mark your online presence. To write good and detailed content which connects with the readers is not a child’s play. Either you need to dedicate long hours or hire a very good content writer who has pretty well knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Both of these will cost you time and money. But what if you need a lot of content in a very less amount of time? These days, many content automation tools and content AI automation tools are coming into the picture. Since the demand for content is high on rising, these tools might of a great help to you in case you are in need of good content in a small time.
Already, we are seeing many games that are launched based on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence and becoming a big hit in the market. And if the content is getting generated with the help of these tools, then why not to use them? This will surely streamline the work and save the efforts of the company.

Companies and businesses really struggle to find the suitable content writers and they are difficult to find. So if a company is not ready to invest in the content writers right now, here are some alternatives that don’t need much investment and the job of writing is done in a jiffy.





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