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A data catalog is a metadata management tool designed to help organizations find and manage large amounts of data – including tables, files and databases – stored in their ERP, human resources, finance and e-commerce systems as well as other sources like social media feeds. Data catalogs centralize metadata in one location, provide a full view of each piece of data across databases and contain information about the data’s location, profile, statistics, summaries and comments. This systematized service helps make data sources more discoverable and manageable for users and helps organizations make more informed decisions about how to use their data.

Applying the Power of AI to Data Catalogs: How artificial intelligence can make it easier for users to share knowledge and collaborate

Data catalogs are increasingly critical as more users engage in self-service analytics and business intelligence and seek access to a wider variety of data types and sources. Many organizations fear that allowing users more self-service access and analysis will result in data chaos, especially if those sources exist outside IT-managed platforms such as an enterprise data warehouse. Data catalogs help organizations combat data chaos by enabling them to manage and govern distributed data assets more effectively. With an effective data catalog, organizations curate data so that users can trust sources and gain insights faster.
The problem with data catalogs (as well as metadata repositories and business glossaries) is that traditionally, building and managing them is slow, tedious, and usually involves heavily manual work by IT administrators, not users. Enterprise metadata and master data management might be effective for some corporate data sources, but generally do not cover all the sources that users want to access today, such as Hadoop data lakes.






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