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The process of finding love online is becoming more in trend these days. Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions is becoming an integral part of our daily life. This advanced technology has introduced stimulating possibilities from online shopping to taxi booking services. AI is way more ahead in offering more accurate and refined features. Likewise, Artificial intelligence (AI) with time is redefining the future of matchmaking more conveniently. It is determined that approximately 70% of the couples will meet online in 2040. There is no doubt that AI technology is playing a major role in the matchmaking process.
Dating Apps are using AI technology and data to find a match for potential users. It is reported that the concept of online dating App is offering the comfort level with online dating services for the potential dates. Thus, AI helps to include the sentiment in the user’s communication, response times, and customized profiles. With AI empowered dating App people can save hours of hunting through their impressive online profile.

Advanced matching

The primary goal of any dating app is to match the users until they find a perfect match. Years ago, the process was not very sophisticated.

If we take Badoo or Mamba as examples, the app would not do the matching for you. Instead, you were just presented with all the available options in accordance with your filters and all you had to do was scroll through hundreds of different profiles.

Now, things are different. By applying Machine Learning to the dating apps’ algorithms, developers make the matching process much more advanced.

The technology considers your past behavior and past preferences, your in-app activity and, based on this data, will offer only the most relevant matches. Venture Beat nailed the whole AI-based matching by stating that “today’s dating sites are only as good as the data they’re given”. That means (as in any ML-powered project) the more data you provide to the app, the better the results would be.

As well, don’t forget about the capability of AI to identify the smallest hidden patterns and dependencies. While you may not even think about the level of sentiment in your in-app conversation, the algorithm can easily calculate it — and match you with a person who has the same level of sentiment or responds positively to the one.






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