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In the $1.1 billion esports market, that’s what matters. It’s also about bragging rights for conquering worlds that are as real as a virtual world can be.
These days, artificial intelligence(AI) is replacing humans in mentorship, sportscasting, and in-game analysis. Competition is tough, and players want to defeat cunning and fast-moving opponents.

DeepMind, the Google-owned AI lab, announced its AlphaStar AI passed a new milestone last week, achieving grandmaster status in the real-time strategy game and popular esport StarCraft II, per the MIT Technology Review. The machine is now considered capable of defeating 99.8% of all human players in competition, which includes most professional players.

Ai will very soon have an outstanding impact on the esport industry and the way pro-gamers train for competition and how they can progress in the long and short-term. Eventually, those AI could turn into robots and train athletes from different traditional sports such as basketball, soccer and such. The advancement of technology will allow to gather and process data at a rapid speed and will allow a professional athlete to train in a much more efficient way which could bring the level of competitiveness up.




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