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Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now. From facial recognition to chatbots to cars to the health industry, it’s difficult to open the news and not see something about AI. Many of us think of AI and think science fiction, but AI is being used in more daily applications than ever. And we’re pretty sure you’re going to be surprised and wowed by just how much AI you can have in your home.

Artificial intelligence is no longer the reserve of expensive and super-complicated robots. It’s all around us, and some of this amazingly smart tech can transform your home.

Artificial intelligence may have started off as the stuff of sci-fi dreams (and nightmares), with software like Terminator’s iconic Skynet capable of gaining self-awareness and kicking off a war against humankind, but it’s becoming more and more ingrained in everyday life. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting AI-powered autonomous cars, or carrying out simple tasks like trawling through your recommended list on Netflix, where movies have been carefully selected by algorithms that help the streaming platform learn what you like to watch, AI is popping up everywhere.
We’re also seeing an increasing number of smart gadgets that can transform your home, listening to your commands, thinking for themselves and helping you to feel like you’re living in the future. Read on to see some of our favourites.

It’s easy to imagine AI as being something that only appears in robots or other high-tech solutions with out-there designs, but it can also make a difference on a surprisingly simple level. Take Google’s Home Mini as an example. This tiny, inconspicuous-looking speaker is capable of a whole lot more than the average speaker, integrating the Google Assistant to help it respond to any of your queries. Want to set a reminder? Check for directions? Settle an argument? Google Home Mini can help, and it can also connect you to your home entertainment, playing Spotify playlists or hooking up to your TV, all without ever pressing a button.





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