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Go to LinkedIn and search for jobs with this title and you’ll get 47,747 job openings. Go to, put in the same search term, and you’ll get 53,216 jobs. If that’s not enough, go to, enter the same search term, and you’ll get 47,692 job openings.
What, pray tell, jobs are we talking about?

Artificial intelligence jobs are hot, hot, hot. And they probably will be for quite a while.

In LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, its ranking of the top 15 emerging jobs, artificial intelligence ranked at the top.

According to the report: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning have both become synonymous with innovation, and our data shows that’s more than just buzz. Hiring growth for this role has grown 74% annually in the past four years and encompasses a few different titles within the space that all have a very specific set of skills, despite being spread across industries, including artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer.”
Filling such jobs can be tough. Recruits who have the skills and training to fill AI jobs are the new “purple squirrels”—those with the perfect resume and qualifications who are rare finds in a competitive market for sought-after, skilled employees.





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