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– Artificial Intelligence Marketing –


Artificial intelligence marketing is a form of marketing leveraging artificial intelligence concept and model such as machine learning and Bayesian Network to achieve marketing goals. The main difference resides in the reasoning part which suggests it is performed by computer and algorithm instead of human.


Every day your team postpones using innovative AI-powered solutions in your content marketing, you’re losing competitive edge.
If this sounded a bit dramatic, great. It’s supposed to be to get your marketing team on its toes and prepared to embrace AI-powered marketing tools.

The impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing is huge. A study by Smart Insights shows that out of 100 senior marketers from different industries, 55 percent of companies are implementing or already considering using AI in their marketing practices. Why is that?
AI Marketing (AIM) allows marketers to crunch huge amounts of marketing data analytics from social media, emails, and the Web in a relatively faster time. Moreover, the insights they get in a shorter time frame will help marketers boost campaign performance and return on investment (ROI) faster. This gives marketers and businesses more time to focus on other equally important tasks.

Another reason why AI in marketing campaigns in 2020 is important is that 76 percent of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. AIM will help content marketers understand who exactly their target audience is, thereby creating a personal experience for customers/users.

AI marketing is a method of leveraging technology to improve the customer journey. It can also be used to boost the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. This is accomplished by using big data analytics, machine learning, and other processes to gain insight into your target audience. With these insights, you can create more effective customer touch points. Whether you’re engaging in email marketing or providing customer support, AI eliminates much of the guesswork involved in customer interactions.

On a grander scale, it can be used to automate processes that were once dependent on humans. Content generation, PPC ads, and even web design are all possible applications for AI marketing. Right now, our agency primarily uses AI to help with our video marketing efforts.





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