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AI+ 人工智能+(Artificial Intelligence Plus)英文缩写为AI+。它将“人工智能”作为当前行业科技化发展的核心特征并提取出来,与工业、商业、金融业等行业的全面融合,推动经济形态不断发生演变,从而带动社会经济实体的生命力。 通俗来说,“AI+”就是“AI+各个行业”,但这并不是简单的两者相加,而是利用人工智能技术以及互联网平台,让人工智能与传统行业、新型行业进行深度融合,创造新的发展生态。它代表一种新的社会形态,即充分发挥“人工智能”在社会中的作用,将“人工智能”的创新成果深度融合于经济、社会各域之中,提升全社会的创新力和生产力,形成更广泛的以互联网为基础设施和实现工具的经济发展新形态。



From being a voice assistant on smartphones to guiding robots at malls, artificial intelligence (AI) has been gradually penetrating our daily lives.
AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

As one of the branches of AI, machine learning is the algorithm behind the majority of current AI applications.

At this year’s Boao Forum for Asia, AI+ will be under discussion.

Generally speaking, AI+ means AI plus various industries. But it’s more than just a simple addition.

AI+ is about deeply integrating AI technology and Internet platforms with traditional and emerging industries to create real benefits for society. Smart housing, autonomous vehicles and intelligent healthcare are examples of AI+.

To boost China’s development of technology, the country’s Science and Technology Ministry identified four domestic tech giants in 2017 as the first batch of the “National Team of AI.”

They are Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and iFlytek.

Baidu focuses on autonomous driving, Alibaba is tasked with AI solutions called “City Brain” to improve urban life, Tencent focuses on computer vision for medical diagnosis, and iFlytek specializes in voice intelligence including voice recognition.

AI will surely be more involved in the lives of people around the world in many aspects in the near future. Are you ready for the change?




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