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– Artificial Intelligence TV –


Your smart TV may soon get a little smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence.
At this year’s CES trade show, three different television manufacturers announced plans to add AI to some of their sets – albeit for different purposes.

LG and Sony are adding Google Assistant, the search giant’s voice computing technology, to some of their TVs. Instead of fumbling to find the right button on a remote, users will be able to change channels, fire up their game consoles, or view photos by just speaking commands to their TVs.


Imagine using an Intelligent TV. It could be equipped with its own AI or connected to your Alexa or Echo. It’s now possible. LG has launched the Thinq brand in which one can use Alexa, Echo and Echo dot to change channel. There is a skill to watch TV, adjust volume, play, pause, start, stop, fast forward controls, select a channel and search for content. And, The new TVs can also function as smart home hubs. So you’ll be able to control other smart home devices like robot vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, smart lights, and others that can connect to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can now do all of that by speaking to your TV while watching TV.

AI is driving changes in advertising Before the rise of AI it was virtually impossible for advertisers to know if the customers watch the spot, did the sports resulted in an action, a buy? Did their behavior change? Today consumers use multiple devices, all the time. While watching TVs the fizzle on their smartphones, keep their laptop on the coffee table or on their lap, and keep their tablet at hand. This new framework has created a complex landscape in which attribution is almost impossible. The technology solution that solves for this issue is called multi channel attribution across multiple screens (MCA — AMS). The objective here is to map the customer journey. By connecting multiple devices to the same individual, or household, AI allows to measure second screening while watching TV. By aggregating data on mobile presence in stores and mobile advertising, data scientist can infer the impact of the ad on the customer behavior.





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