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 – Artificial intelligence Washers –



Home appliance producers are competitively releasing the so-called AlphaGo washing machines with artificial intelligence (AI). These washers autonomously regulates the washing strength and amount of detergents by detecting load size and contamination levels.
According to industry sources on May 10, LG Electronics’ new Signature washing machine has a sensor which detects the load size and contamination levels of laundry and automatically put the proper amount of detergents. Unlike existing washing machines, the new product can measure the weight of laundry by spinning the laundry bucket and calculating the power pressured on the motor, and detect the contamination levels by soaking laundry with the sensor.


Miele has also used the twin dosing system in the honeycomb drum washer which will be available in Korea this month. The system automatically puts various special capsuled detergents twice in the washing process at the optimal timing according to textile materials. In particular, the washing machine lets users know the detergent levels through the Internet of Things and automatically orders detergents when it runs out of them.

The reason why home appliance firms focus on developing washing machines with AI functions, like the automatic detergent dosing system, is that product designs and performance are becoming more and more tailored to consumers. With such products, consumers can reduce the amount of detergents by more than 30 percent and power consumption, while raising the cleaning power. Therefore, they prefer convenient and economical products even the products are expensive.

Starting with Bubble drum washing machine “BubbleShot,” Samsung Electronics has also adopted the automatic detergent injection function in its products, including the AddWash released last year. In addition, Dongbu Daewoo Electronics has been launching drum washing machines with the automatic detergent injection system from 2009.






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