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Augmented reality, or virtual reality concerts, are not uniform by any means. But all of them aim to translate a live experience into a virtual, online experience. Most AR or VR concerts involve artists turning themselves into digital avatars and using these projected images to stage a live concert.


The Weeknd Is Holding an Augmented-Reality Concert Only on TikTok

The Weeknd joins artists like Travis Scott and John Legend in airing AR concerts, which aim to give fans a more immersive experience in the COVID era

Even though streaming music on demand is more affordable than ever, music lovers will pay more to experience it live. The combination of music, performance, pyrotechnics, and entertainment make festivals and concerts worth going to. With rising demand for one-of-a-kind experiences, entertainment companies are starting to explore new avenues. That includes augmented reality.

Aside from elevating live performances, event promoters can use AR applications within concert venues and festival grounds for other purposes. Sponsors and vendors, for example, can leverage AR-enabled apps to offer coupons and prizes.

That’s what US-based event promoter Live Nation has been developing. They intend to integrate AR features with select festival apps. As a result, you will be able to watch larger-than-life animations unfold whether you’re at home or on site.

Let’s say you can’t attend a music festival. All you have to do is point the AR-enabled app towards a flat surface to stream the concert. It shows a three-dimensional rotatable viewer so you get the best views of your favorite acts.

Hyundai debuted the technology at the annual Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. They used it to promote the 2020 Sonata. Using the app, viewers were able to catch immersive views of select performances. Moreover, they were able to see 3D versions of the brand new Sonata.

Event promoters can use AR to guide concertgoers around the venue and keep them updated about the acts. As concerts and festivals grow in size and complexity each year, concertgoers will want quick and easy ways to keep up with the events and activities.






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