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Club music varies from a wide range of electronic dance music (EDM), which is a form of electronic music, such as house (and especially Deep house), techno, drum and bass, hip hop, electro, trance, funk, breakbeat, dubstep, disco. Music is usually performed by DJs who are playing tunes on turntables, CD players or laptops, using different additional techniques to express themselves such as beat juggling, scratching, beatmatching, needle drop, back spinning, phrasing and other tricks and gigs, depending on the type of music they are playing. They can mix two or more prerecorded tunes at the same time, or sometimes music is performed as a live act by musicians who play the sounds over a basic matrix, sometimes combined with a VJing performance.

Nightclubs tend to be high-risk ventures with short-lived life spans as fickle consumers switch allegiance to the newest spot in town, according to Power Home Biz. Hip-hop nightclubs are no exception. Booking fresh, hip talent helps attract customers but can be pricey. Older or lesser-known acts might be more cost-effective but draw smaller crowds. To open a successful hip-hop nightclub, you’ll need authentic links to the hip-hop world when it comes to booking talent.

Visit City Hall to apply for a business license and tax liability number. If you’re opening a hip-hop nightclub that will feature live music alongside DJs mixing recorded beats, you’ll need to apply for a permit for live entertainment. If your nightclub will serve alcohol, secure an alcohol license by filing an application and paying relevant fees. Licenses can be expensive and hard to secure, especially if you’re opening in an area already saturated with bars and nightclubs. Starting with a beer and wine license can be a less-expensive option.




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